Alcan's Banbury Laboratory

The Banbury Laboratory of Alcan Aluminium Ltd operated as one of the company's research and development establishments from 1938 until 2003, when it was closed down during a period of industrial mergers. Following the disappearance of Alcan as an independent company, some of the former employees of Alcan's Banbury Laboratory felt that an attempt should be made to mark the achievements of the Laboratory over its lifetime. The result of that effort is the document entitled 'Recollections'.

The record that has been put together comprises a number of essays contributed by around two dozen people. The collection does not attempt to be a definitive history of the Laboratory, partly because there are gaps in both coverage and memory and also because it is made up of personnel recollections rather than being taken from archives. We hope there are not too many errors and apologise should our memories be at fault. Nonetheless we believe that we have done enough to record some of the major technical and business achievements and something of the life and times of the Banbury Lab.

Not everyone with a story to tell was able to contribute at the time that Recollections was being put together, nor were the compilers able to contact everyone who could have done so. For a limited period of about two years the compilers will be prepared to receive further contributions or suggestions for modification. Anyone wishing to offer an extra contribution should contact the editorial committee at