Alcan's Banbury Laboratory

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CONTENTS of the document

2Seven Decades - Peter Band2
3Directors' Perspectives 
 a.   Richard Hartree 1972 - 197918
 b.   Rod Jones 1997 - 200120
 a.   The Early Years - Nevill Turner23
 b.   Core R & D from the 1980s - Ricky Ricks25
 a.   Personal Experiences - Gerry Lucas, Dave Bonney30
 b.   Banbury Bed Filter - Peter Read34
 c.   Recollections & Solidification Research in the 1990s - Paul Evans38
 d.   The PSICASO Story - Laurens Katgerman44
6Electrical Division at Banbury Labs - Perry Bamji49
7Rolling and Strip Process Engineering - Ian Calderbank,Tom Farley, Dan Miller58
8Lubrication - Mike Budd64
9Extrusion - Ian Calderbank, Bill Bryant, Roy Woodward, Steve Court79
10Electron Optics Story - Mike Wheeler, David Moore, Mel Ball83
11Surface Technology - Introduction98
 a.   Surface Analysis & Pretreatment - Nigel Davies98
 b.   Near Surface Active Regions102
 c.   Conventional Anodising - Ted Short104
 d.   Continuous Anodising - Eric Wootton, Jon Ball108
 e.   Corrosion - Mike Budd, Geoff Scamans115
12Strong Alloys 
 a.   Overview - Maurice Reynolds120
 b    The Aluminium Lithium Development - Roger Grimes121
 c.   Aluminium Lithium Development Postscript - Geoff Scamans127
13Development of Containers for Packaging - Alec Lovell129
14Structural Integrity of Aluminium and its alloys - Roy Woodward139
15Automotive - Mike Wheeler160
 a.   Cans to Cars Postscript - Geoff Scamans170
16New Opportunities - Nigel Davies, Geoff Scamans172
 a.   The Aluminium/Air Battery and Alupower172
 b.   Sol Gel Technology174
 c.   Cospray: Al / Metal Matrix Composites175
 d.   The Anopore Membrane, Anotec and Alcan Separations177
 e.   The End-Game and Hindsight182
17Alcan Primary Raw Materials R&D Programme: Banbury Laboratories - Chris Newton184
18At the Close of The Day - Peter Band195
19Appendix - Emeritus Publications198